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Port Phillip Greens urge Channel 9 to look beyond the ratings cycle

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Greens councillors in the City of Port Phillip have called on the State Government and any purchaser of the Gatwick Hotel to contribute to replacement housing within the municipality.

In response to news of the sale, Cr Tim Baxter expressed concern over the 80-bed gap created by the hotel’s closure.

“If The Block has made this purchase, I can only hope that a large media network such as Channel 9, with such deep pockets, will feel compelled to assist with the housing crisis that this sale and closure has exacerbated,” remarked Cr Baxter.

Deputy Mayor Katherine Copsey reiterated Cr Baxter’s concerns and implored Channel 9 and the State Government to consider the impacts of the purchase of The Gatwick on residents and the broader community.

“People who had somewhere to sleep last week have been left in limbo and are understandably feeling anxious about their future housing security.

“I hope that Channel 9 is thinking beyond the ratings cycle and will commit to making this transition as smooth as possible,” she remarked.

Councillor Ogy Simic shared concerns that the closure of up to 80 beds will worsen the current housing crisis.

“What's urgently needed is increased supply of modern, fit-for-purpose affordable housing.

“I'm proud of the City of Port Phillip's leadership and commitment in the housing space, but we can't solve this problem alone.

“We need the State Government and private developers to come to the table to secure modern, fit-for-purpose replacement housing in Port Phillip,” he concluded.

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