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Greens say Coalition naysayers should stop blocking Australia’s electric vehicle future

Colleen Hartland to retire early from Victorian Parliament

Colleen Hartland will retire from the Victorian Parliament when parliament resumes at the start of February, after serving 11 years as the Member for the Western Metropolitan Region in the Legislative Council.

Australia Day: time for a public conversation on changing the date

Nina Springle,

Tighter duck shooting regulations will make no difference

Victorian Greens spokesperson for Animal Welfare, Sue Pennicuik, has seen the impact of duck shooting first hand, and says the problem is not about regulation, but enforcement.

Far-right action against Melbourne’s African community condemned by Greens

A social media post by far-right group True Blue Crew, suggesting it will be “taking a stand on the streets” against Melbourne’s African community, has been condemned by the Greens.

Greens concern at Iran’s crackdown on dissent

[Greens-Media] Greens call for balance in light of sensationalist reporting of Melbourne’s youth crime

While recognising there are problems with disaffected youth in Melbourne’s west, the Greens are calling for a more balanced approach in they way these issues are framed by certain media outlets and politicians.

Victorian Greens Announce Portfolio Reshuffle

The Victorian Greens have announced their portfolio reshuffle ahead of the 2018 polls.

Climate policy travesty as pollution continues to rise

RET cutting power bills, but ALP + Libs cutting RET: Bandt