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Safe Cycling and Pedestrian Crossings for Northcote

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lidia Thorpe has called for investment in more Safe Cycling and Pedestrian Crossings for kids ahead of the State Budget.

Lidia met with residents on the corner of Stations St and Railway place, the most dangerous of the crossing points, to talk about the issue and the access to Fairfield Primary School.

“Station Street has a school crossing point, but because it’s such a busy road, it’s still dangerous for kids and their parents,” said Lidia Thorpe, Greens MP for Northcote.

“We need pedestrian lights and appropriate bike and footpath planning for the area.”

“We want more kids to be able to ride and walk safely to school. Parents need to feel confident that there are safe routes.”

“It’s a highly stressful job for the school crossing supervisor. After witnessing and being part of a number of near misses, a number have quit.”

“With the train station and the shops right here, we also need a solution for people crossing outside school crossing hours.”

In the seat of Northcote, the Greens have four priority intersections for investment in safe cycling and pedestrian road crossings:
1. Station Street near Railway Place, Fairfield
2. Westgarth Street near Evans Crescent, Northcote
3. Darebin Rd near St David St, Thornbury
4. Station St near Mitchell Street, Fairfield.

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