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Victorian Greens Announce Portfolio Reshuffle

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Victorian Greens have announced their portfolio reshuffle ahead of the 2018 polls.

State Leader and MP for the Northern Metropolitan region Samantha Ratnam holds the portfolios of Planning, Housing, Gambling, Disability, Veterans, Agriculture and Regional Development.

“Affordable housing continues to be a major problem across this State. We will be pushing for urban planning reform to help create more affordable and sustainable housing. It’s time for communities to have a proper say in the future of their cities rather than private developers running this State,” she says.

Victorian Deputy Leader and MP for the South Eastern Metropolitan Region, Nina Springle holds the portfolios of Women, Families and Children, Youth Justice, Ageing, Industry and Trade, Employment and IR, Small Business, Digital Rights, Multicultural Affairs, Prevention of Family Violence and Waste.

“The Greens are focused on creating the jobs of the future and making sure we have a proper plan to transition workers into the new economy. This will be my focus in 2018, as well as continuing to concentrate on the welfare of the most at-risk members of the community, particularly those in the child protection and youth justice systems," she says.

Member for Melbourne Ellen Sandell holds the portfolios of Treasury and Finance, Climate Change, Environment and National Parks, Resources, Science and Innovation and Major Events (cultural).

“This Labor Government is irresponsibly throwing billions of taxpayer dollars at toll roads and to prop up the destructive coal and logging industries. The 2018 election will be fought on these issues and voters have a clear choice between Labor’s economic and environmental irresponsibility, or the Greens’ plan for better public transport and renewable energy,” she says.

Member for Prahran Sam Hibbins holds the portfolios of Transport, Integrity and Anti-Corruption, LGBTIQ, Major Events (sports), Liquor Regulation and Ports.

“Next year’s election will be a choice between the Greens vision for modern, frequent, reliable public transport and Labor and Liberal’s obsession with expensive, ineffective toll roads,” he says.

MP for the Eastern Metropolitan Region Samantha Dunn holds the portfolios of Forests, the Great Forest National Park, Local Government, Tourism, Emergency Services and Water as well leading the No North East Link and Doncaster Rail campaigns.

“There’s no doubt that forests are important to Victorians. In 2018, I’ll continue to work for the creation of the Great Forest National Park and a transition out of native forest logging into sustainable plantations. Our forests and the wildlife that live in them are too precious to lose to woodchips,” she says.

MP for the Southern Metropolitan Region Sue Pennicuik holds the portfolios of Justice, Education, Arts, Animals and Racing.

“In 2018, I’ll continue to push for complete transparency in schools funding - both Labor and Coalition governments have consistently resisted this - preferring to make funding announcements in election periods in marginal seats. I will also continue to campaign strongly to end duck shooting, jumps racing and greyhound racing, all of which the majority of Victorians oppose.”

Member for Northcote Lidia Thorpe holds the portfolios of Aboriginal Affairs, Aboriginal Health, Sport, Training and Skills (including TAFE), Consumer Affairs and Mental Health.

“The recent IBAC findings show this government has lost control of the regional TAFE system as a sustainable and effective training provider; I’ll be working to help provide more Victorians with access to further education.”

MP for the Western Metropolitan Region Colleen Hartland holds the portfolio of Health and is the Victorian Greens spokesperson over the 2017/18 summer period.