Water saving push needed as regional Vic dams drop | Australian Greens

Water saving push needed as regional Vic dams drop

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Greens want to see water authorities make a bigger effort to help Victorians cut their water use, as water in storages shrink and a drier than average outlook is forecast.

"This summer we saw a huge drop in the amount of water flowing into our dams. People would support early water restrictions if they knew what was going on, but politicians like to pretend it's not happening."

"Water authorities, and the Water Minister himself, have become complacent from all the rain we had in the two previous years. Full dams means they stop worrying and live off our 'savings' rather than our 'earnings'."

"Water authorities are good at investing in bigger dams, longer pipes and more ground water bores. All of that ends up costing us money on our water bills. What they're not much good at is helping us cut our bills through water efficiency, reuse and storm water capture. These things save us money on our own water bills and also mean major supply upgrades can be deferred."

"The LibNat state government had big plans for changing the way water is used, but very little of it has actually happened."

"We have some tokenistic water efficiency rebate programs, but these need to be massively expanded so that every home is using less treated water and capturing and using more stormwater."

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Water storage decline in regional Victoria:

Apollo Bay has moved from stage 2 to stage 4 restrictions to avoid running out of water at the Apollo Bay Music Festival.

Hamilton's water storages in precipitous decline over the late summer.

In the Grampians / Wimmera region, Rocklands Reservoir is at 33%, Lake Wartook is at 55%,

South Gippsland water storages are the lowest since 2008