Yarra's Green Councillors express their deep disappointment at Misha Coleman's withdrawal from their team. After such strong support for the Greens and Greens policies at the recent Council elections we feel let down. Our supporters and members have a right to feel let down too.

Ms Pennicuik responded to comments made by Western Victoria MP James Purcell in parliament earlier this month praising the May Racing Carnival and in particular the Grand Annual Steeplechase.

The Greens have condemned the Victorian government’s decision to give Protective Services Officers new powers to search public transport passengers they suspect of possessing drugs.

Southern Metropolitan Greens MP Sue Pennicuik said Mr Wynne “deserved to go down as the Minister for the Wrecking Ball” for refusing to protect the Greyhound.

The Victorian government has backed down from its extravagant promise to remove all asbestos from Victorian schools.

Small-time criminals who have learnt their lesson deserve a clean slate and a spent conviction so they can become productive members of society, says a legal advocacy groups.

The Greens say the Victorian government needs a plan to transition to sustainable timber sources, following an announcement that Carter Harvey Holt's Morwell sawmill is set to close.