Distribution of fraudulent materials, purporting to be from The Greens (WA)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Distribution of fraudulent materials, purporting to be from The Greens (WA)


The Greens (WA) have been made aware by members of the public that fraudulent leaflets have been distributed throughout the western suburbs of Perth. These leaflets, hand delivered to letterboxes, appear to issued by The Greens (WA) and make use of party branding, carrying a fraudulent authorisation line using the address and telephone number of the party office.


The leaflets are titled “Stop White Supremacy”, and state that the Greens (WA) propose to introduce a tax upon members of the community based upon their racial identification.


These materials are deliberately fraudulent. They do not in any way represent the policies or beliefs of The Greens.


Co-Convenor of the Greens WA, Grahame Bowland, made the following comment:


“The leaflet which has been distributed is deliberately fraudulent. We are outraged that unknown persons have sought to stoke racial and religious tensions in the community through the distribution of these materials. We urge members of the public to destroy the leaflet if they receive it,”


“The Greens believe that all people must have equal rights, regardless of their ethnicity, culture, religion, language or place of birth. The Greens are proud to have long been the standard-bearers of these rights, ensuring multiculturalism is celebrated, and working with people from all backgrounds for a better future.”


The Greens (WA) have raised the matter with the Australian Electoral Commission, and with the West Australian Electoral Commission. We will be referring this matter to the police.