Greens support Triple J moving date of Hottest 100 | The Greens (WA)

Greens support Triple J moving date of Hottest 100

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

With calls becoming louder every year to respect those for whom January 26 represents a tragedy, not a celebration, the Greens strongly support the suggestion that Triple J move the Hottest 100 to a more appropriate date to mark national unity and diversity, Australian Greens Spokesperson on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Issues Senator Rachel Siewert said today.
"Young Australians are more likely to support marriage equality, they're more likely to oppose harsh treatment of refugees. Greater numbers of young people are engaged with rising inequality in our society. If Triple J do proceed with this proposal they'd simply be reflecting the view of a large proportion their audience".
"Triple J is where generations of young Australians have accessed their news and current affairs, and the station has served as a conversation space for young Australians.  Young Australians are leading the way when it comes to inclusiveness in our society, so it's only fitting that the National youth broadcaster take this step," Australian Greens Communications spokesperson and Co-Deputy Leader Senator Scott Ludlam said.
"Moving the date of the Hottest 100 would be a great step - it would open up the conversation about the hurt caused by celebrating our national day on a day of such sadness for many, and it would make the Hottest 100 a more inclusive event, not least for the growing number of Aboriginal musicians getting airtime on Triple J," Senator Ludlam concluded.