Greens welcome objectives of PM cyber-announcement

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Australian Greens Co-Deputy Leader and Communications Spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam has welcomed the objectives and values outlined in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's cyber-security announcement today.
"We agree with Prime Minister Turnbull that the internet is the most important tool for innovation in Australia, so we'll keep fighting his efforts to cripple the National Broadband Network," Senator Ludlam said.
"We agree that the internet should be open and free, so we'll keep fighting the intrusive Liberal/Labor data retention scheme that places every Australian under surveillance.
"We agree that it takes international cooperation to keep the internet open and free, so we'll keep fighting the government's involvement with and endorsement of the Five Eyes treaty that allows and encourages other nations to spy on Australians.
"We agree with 2015 Malcolm who endorsed the use of encrypted communications platforms to keep conversations private, so we'll be fighting 2016 Malcolm's attempts to undermine encryption - the most important tool for online security that there is.
"We agree that data breaches should be disclosed and vulnerabilities addressed, which is why we'll keep pursuing the government to legislate for the mandatory data breach notification laws they promised 2 years ago.
"Just appending the word 'cyber' to everything won't be enough to protect essential digital rights in the 21st century," Senator Ludlam concluded.