Labor's meth plan ignores need for rehab services | The Greens (WA)

Labor's meth plan ignores need for rehab services

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Greens have called Labor’s meth trafficking plan just more of the same punitive approach to a useless war on drugs that ignores the main game on drugs, which is the dire need for resources into rehab services.

Greens candidate Alison Xamon said whilst politically popular, traffickers are not going to be deterred by stricter sentences, and will just continue to push their wares to users.

“The key to stopping supply is to ensure that there is no market in the first place. The focus needs to be on serious investment in prevention services and where people have fallen prey to addiction that there are no barriers to seeking support from drug rehabilitation services,” she said 

“We know the war on drugs policy has proved consistently useless, and this announcement is unlikely to have any real effect on supply.

“Instead the main game needs to be on investment in services.  And the other critical element to ensuring people feel safe accessing these services, is by decriminalising people caught in the cycle of drug abuse.  This also goes some way to addressing the stigma of drug use, which we know is an ongoing barrier to people seeking the support they desperately need.

“Of course the Greens continue to support strong penalties for traffickers, it has been a consistent part of our policy, but the main discussions we need to be having are around how we best ensure people access services. I look forward to an election campaign where the drugs debate becomes about who can offer the most services rather than the same old same old about tougher penalties.”

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