Perth Freight Link contract cancellation costs to be revealed | The Greens (WA)

Perth Freight Link contract cancellation costs to be revealed

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Turnbull Government has been ordered to reveal the financial penalties the Barnett Government has exposed WA taxpayers to, should the contracts into the Perth Freight link be terminated.
A successful Senate motion by Greens Senator for WA, Scott Ludlam also ordered any correspondence relating to penalties or compensation that will be offered to contractors, should the contracts for the Perth Freight Link be terminated upon a change of government at the State election next year.
"We want to know how much damage Colin Barnett has already done in wasting taxpayer's money on this road no one wants," said Senator Ludlam.
"For two years now, The Greens have tried to reveal the true cost of the Perth Freight Link but at every turn we have been rebuffed by excuses of cabinet in confidence and public interest, or 12 rejected Freedom of Information requests. 
"This entire project has enormous public interest, and should WA see a change in Government next year, and should the new Premier be true to his word of scrapping the Roe 8 project, how much will that termination cost to the WA taxpayer?
"We deserve to know what that will cost now, not next year. And before any more money is wasted."