WA families hit by $100m childcare delay | The Greens (WA)

WA families hit by $100m childcare delay

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Australian Greens have expressed concern for the thousands of West Australian families who will be disadvantaged by the government's decision to delay the implementation of childcare reforms by one year, as revealed in the May Budget.
While the government's childcare package still has to be improved, it was set to save average families $30 a week and be introduced in 2017. With 65,670 West Australian families accessing childcare, the one year delay in rolling out the reforms represents a potential $102.445 million hit on family budgets.
"Families around Australia have been calling out for more support when it comes to childcare and early education," the Greens' early education and childcare spokesperson Senator Hanson-Young said.
"The government's decision to put childcare reform in the too-hard-basket will hit families hard.
"Mums and dads in West Australia stand to lose almost $100 million from this delay. That is unacceptable in these tough times.
"At the last election Tony Abbott said the Liberals would fix childcare, but now that's become just another broken promise."
This delay follows previous cuts to childcare in the 2014 Budget, which saw $230 million of support taken from families nationwide, the WA Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said.
"This is the last thing that West Australian families needed," Senator Siewert said.
"Waiting another two years will mean that families who believed the Coalition would help make childcare more affordable at the last election will miss out. Their kids will move on to school before they receive any increase in support from this disappointment of a Government.
"Making parents wait for childcare cost relief while handing out $50 billion in corporate tax cuts makes the Liberal's priorities crystal clear.
"The Greens believe that all West Australian families should have access to affordable, flexible childcare and will stand up for high quality early education at every opportunity."
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