Greens propose waste levy for Queensland

Greens propose waste levy for Queensland

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Queensland Greens are proposing the reintroduction of a waste levy in order to end the rorting and raise over $500 million a year.

Michael Berkman, Greens candidate for Maiwar said: “if elected, the Greens will push to introduce a waste levy of $78.20 per tonne, consistent with NSW regional rates, in order to end interstate dumping and the rorting by corporations just out to make a quick buck.

“Last year, the Queensland Government reported 6.6 million tonnes (recycling-waste-qld-report2016.pdf) in commercial, construction and demolition waste. If we had a waste levy in place, the State would have been $525,360,000 better off.

“If the LNP hadn’t gotten rid of the waste levy in 2012 and the current Labor Government hadn’t been so scared of putting its political donors offside, we’d be collecting hundreds of millions of dollars per year. That’s money for our State coffers to spend on schools, hospitals and other essential services.

“Instead, Queenslanders have been taken for a ride by the LNP and ALP. While both parties have accepted over $250,000 from the waste sector in the past three years, our State has missed out on better investment in our essential services.”

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