Greens: This is not the end of Adani

Greens: This is not the end of Adani

Friday, November 3, 2017

Amy MacMahon, Lead spokesperson for the Qld Greens and candidate for South Brisbane says,

"This Adani scandal shows the political system is rotten to the core and we need to clear it out."

"This is what happens when the Greens are breathing down the necks of the two major parties. This is what happens when people unite against big corporations and the politicians who protect them".

"Remember this is not end of the Adani. Just a crack in Labor’s support for coal billionaires."

"If Labor were serious they'd revoke the mining licence and Adani’s $300 million tax break."

"This is what happens when the Greens can win. This is why the Greens will win seats in Parliament."

"This group of big corporations and uncaring, scheming politicians has betrayed us one time too many. We are left without hope or a future. Now we have three weeks to fight for a future for all of us."

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