Queensland Greens propose $10 billion Public Infrastructure Bank

Queensland Greens propose $10 billion Public Infrastructure Bank

Friday, November 10, 2017

Under the Greens the State government will establish a Queensland Public Infrastructure Bank to invest $10 billion in public infrastructure over five years.

Queensland Greens lead spokesperson and candidate for South Brisbane Amy MacMahon said:

“Queensland is facing a critical shortage of public infrastructure, so the Greens will create a $10 billion Public Infrastructure Bank funded primarily by making sure mining corporations and property developers pay their fair share.

“The Queensland Public Infrastructure Bank will invest in the schools, hospitals, green space and public transport our State desperately needs.

“Right now, public infrastructure is not keeping pace with development and growth, while many Queenslanders are being left behind.

“Wages are stagnant and joblessness and underemployment are both rife while corporate profits are soaring.

“Both Labor and the LNP are committed to low taxes for their big corporate donors and low investment in public infrastructure.

“Together with our other plans to build 1 million affordable homes and 100% publicly owned clean energy, the Public Infrastructure Bank would create a massive jobs and investment boom."

More information: greens.org.au/qld/infrastructure

Contact: Max Chandler-Mather 0488 199 015.