Greens announce plan for public, universal, free childcare

Greens announce plan for public, universal, free childcare

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Queensland Greens will dramatically expand access to universal childcare for 2-4 year olds, and build 250 new public childcare centres.

Amy MacMahon, Queensland Greens lead spokesperson and candidate for South Brisbane, said:

“Just like schools and hospitals, we believe access to free high quality childcare and kindergarten should be free and universal.

“Since 2012 the cost of childcare has grown faster than electricity or housing, while parents are being forced onto outrageously long waiting lists. Something has to give.

“We would give every single 3 and 4 year old access to at least three days free childcare per week. Two year olds would get access to at least one day per week.

“To ease the shortage of vacancies in the inner city and in the regions, we would build 250 public childcare centres, adding 17,500 places over five years.

“We would make sure childcare creates good steady jobs with decent pay and job security, especially since most workers are casual, part time and female. That means a new gold standard enterprise agreement in the new public childcare centres.

“Our ambitious plan would cost $5.4 billion over five years. We would make property developers and big corporations pay for 200,000 Queensland kids to get access to free, universal high-quality childcare and kindergarten.

“Labor and the LNP are addicted to corporate donations, and until they kick the habit and tax big corporations, we’ll won’t be able to afford the ambitious expansion of universal services like childcare."

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