To stop Adani you need to vote Greens

To stop Adani you need to vote Greens

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Amy MacMahon, lead spokesperson, and Greens candidate for South Brisbane said: 

"Labor are knowingly lying to people and now we know you can’t trust them."

“Labor wanted people to believe that Adani would never happen, well now we know Adani will happen, Labor support it, and the only way to stop Adani is by electing Greens to Parliament.

“People feel disgusted by Labor and the LNP’s support for this dodgy, mining company and this election they have chance to reject this old grubby politics by voting for the Greens.

“Big fossil fuel companies have deep pockets, and they’ve got Labor, the LNP and One Nation on their side. The only way to stop Adani is to vote Green.

“Let’s be clear, Labor’s Adani mine will create almost no jobs, will double Australia’s carbon pollution and lead to the deaths of millions of people through dangerous global warming.

“Labor tried to trick Queenslanders by saying they would veto the $1 billion taxpayer funded loan, but now we know Adani will go ahead with Labor’s $300 million tax break and free water access. The only to stop Adani is to get Greens into parliament.

"We’ve been sold a lie by Labor and the LNP that we have to embrace dodgy multi-national, or face recession. But we can do so much better.

“Instead of bending backwards for Adani, we need to ask big business to pay their fair share to create jobs in affordable housing, clean energy and public infrastructure."

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