Greens announce key demands

Greens announce key demands

Friday, November 24, 2017

Amy MacMahon, lead spokesperson for the Queensland Greens, has announced a series of key demands that the Queensland Greens will make in any balance of power negotiation, including ending the waiting list for social housing, banning corporate donations, revoking Adani’s mining licence and $360 million royalty holiday, and establishing a public infrastructure bank.

“This election Queenslanders have an incredible opportunity to demand a future for all of us, and if Greens are elected we will fight to make sure our government actually changes people’s lives for the better.”

“What’s the point of a government that leaves people homeless, tolerates legalised bribery like corporate donations, and rolls over for a dodgy multinational like Adani.”

“The Greens stand to win three seats this election, potentially putting the Greens in a crucial balance of power situation, and Queenslanders deserve to know where we stand.”

“We have said that we will never support the LNP and One Nation, instead it’s likely we will seek to work with Labor, and to reach an arrangement for progressive, stable and effective government.”

Key demands

  • Ban Corporate donations and Cash-For-Access meetings 
  • End the social housing waiting list and address the homeless crisis, by building enough homes to get the 29,000 people off our social housing waiting list, and house the 20,000 Queenslanders who are homeless
  • Stop Adani, by scrapping Labor’s $360 million royalty holiday and revoking Adani’s mining licence and licence to operate in Queensland
  • Establish a Public Infrastructure Bank to invest in schools, hospitals, renewable energy, land for green space and create thousands of good steady jobs
  • Ensure property developers and mining corporations pay their fair share with a Developer Tax and fair mining royalties so we can create a jobs and investment boom in Queensland
  • Universal childcare with 3 days free childcare for three and four year olds
  • Better, Cheaper public transport with $1 public transport fares for all Queenslanders and high frequency buses.

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