Greens ahead in South Brisbane

Greens ahead in South Brisbane

Friday, November 24, 2017

An Essential poll has put the Greens first in South Brisbane with 36% of the primary vote to Labor's 32% and the LNP's 24% with 8% undecided. This was an Essential poll with a sample size of 430 people. The survey was in the field from 21st to 22nd November 2017. 

Amy MacMahon, lead spokesperson and Greens candidate for South Brisbane, said “We always knew this election would be incredibly close, but it’s clear that voters in South Brisbane are fed up with both Labor and the LNP.

"This election we have a chance to make history and elect Queensland's first ever Green, independent voice to state parliament.

“People in South Brisbane are facing runaway development and a shortage of crucial public infrastructure like schools, green space and affordable housing.

“This is why on any balance of power negotiations we’ll be demanding the establishment of a public infrastructure bank so we can invest in the schools, hospitals, affordable housing and the green space that Queensland desperately needs.”

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