Greens MP hopes for bi-partisan Vegetation Management action

Greens MP hopes for bi-partisan Vegetation Management action

Friday, March 9, 2018

Michael Berkman, Greens MP for Maiwar, has today called on all parties and stakeholders to put politics aside in implementing a Vegetation Management Framework that provides equity, certainty and environmental protection over the long-term.

“I welcome the commencement of a public discussion on natural resource and environmental management early in this parliament – achieving ecological sustainability is foundational to our society and economy."

Mr Berkman’s statement comes as the Palaszczuk Government introduces legislation to reinstate tighter vegetation management laws.

“The Queensland Greens recognise the importance of our food and fibre sectors, not just economically, but in terms of their massive contribution to Queensland’s culture, and in management of our natural resources.

“We recognise and prioritise the need to conserve our biodiversity hotspots, Great Barrier Reef, and to take decisive action on climate change, which Queensland is particularly vulnerable to.

“I would like to see an environmental and natural resource management framework that doesn’t pick winners and losers amongst industry and development, that removes exemptions in urban areas and that places greater emphasis upon impact avoidance.

“The Vegetation Management Act has become Queensland’s greatest political football, and that hurts both farmers and the environment.

“I really hope that through the Committee process, all stakeholders take their opportunity to provide input to shape a framework that provides certainty into the long term; I know that the Queensland Greens will be consulting with stakeholders and considering the Bill in detail to ensure it provides the environmental outcomes in line with the objectives of the Act."

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