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Our Vision


It's common sense that health care and education are universal and free. Housing should be too. We want to ensure every Queenslander has a home to be proud of »

Cash for access meetings

Whether it’s millions in donations, or special cash-for-access meetings, Labor and LNP politicians represent their big corporate mates. Let's end corruption in Queensland »

It’s pretty simple: private corporations shouldn’t be making a profit by selling us a basic necessity like electricity. Read more »

Our plan for Queensland includes $1 Public Transport Fares, Stopping Adani, Universal Childcare and more. See all initiatives »

Our People

Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett is our voice for Queensland in the Senate. He is committed to creating a future for all of us. Read more »

Jonathan Sri

Jonathan Sri is the Greens Councillor for the Gabba Ward. He is the first Greens representative in the Brisbane City CouncilFind out more »

Michael Berkman MP

Michael is the Greens Member for Maiwar and is the first Greens representative in Queensland State Parliament. Find out more »

Our party

Find out more about the Queensland Greens - what matters to us, what we stand for, our vision and our history. See more »