Allow pill testing. It saves lives

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Let’s end the war on drugs and save lives this summer

The deaths of three young people at music festivals since September were tragic, especially so because those deaths were preventable. We can and we must end the war on drugs and save lives this summer. Policing has not, and will not, stop some young people choosing to take drugs. If pill testing and other harm minimisation measures were in place lives may have been saved.

Greens NSW MPs Cate Faehrmann and David Shoebridge are pushing the NSW Government to take the following action:

  • Stop the use of police drugs dogs and strip searches at music festivals
  • Allow pill testing at music festivals
  • Introduce a harm minimisation strategy including amnesty bins as well as peer to peer support services like those provided by DanceWize.   

Pill testing and other harm minimisation measures, not heavy-handed police tactics, can help save lives this summer.

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