Bring fun back to NSW

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The Liberal party’s assault on fun in NSW is getting out of control.

Since 2014, heavy-handed lockout laws have crippled Sydney nightlife while failing to address the root cause of the violence epidemic.

Millions in funding has been ripped from our creative industries, prompting our talent to leave for opportunities in other states and countries.

It’s also patently clear that current drug laws are not working. Instead, we sorely need a harm minimisation approach via state sanctioned pill testing – which Berejiklian’s Liberal party has utterly ruled out – and the legalisation of marijuana and MDMA.

And now, the government has cracked down on festivals by introducing prohibitively expensive licensing rules – ones that have already forced the cancellation of numerous prominent events. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

These policies are an assault to our culture. They put lives at risk and will decimate our creative, hospitality and tourism industries.

The Greens have a plan to:

  • Establish a minister for creative industries and the night-time economy;
  • End the lockout laws;
  • Remove the liquor licence freeze;
  • Invest in 24-hour frequent public transport;
  • End the crackdown on festivals;
  • Allow pill testing and end the use of drug dogs;
  • Legalise cannabis;
  • Phase out poker machines;
  • Provide $200 million to Create NSW to get our arts and entertainment industries back on track;
  • And much more.

Together, we can reclaim our state and restore it into the creative and cultural powerhouse it once was. Will you sign the petition and join us in our campaign to bring back fun to NSW?

For more information, read our full policy here.