Justice for First Nations Peoples

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For the past 230 years since NSW was invaded, First Nations people have been subject to colonisation, violence and disempowerment.

That’s why justice for First Nations peoples must be front and centre of the work of the next NSW Parliament.

Unlike the two major parties, the Greens believe that the people who know best how to look after First Nations children, deliver justice and economic empowerment in First Nations communities and treat the land with respect are the people who have been doing it for 60,000 years – and that is the First Nations peoples of this country.

Our plan focuses on treaties, de-incarceration, economic empowerment and care for country, and is always grounded in First Nations self-determination.

We will:

  • Establish treaties now with each of the First Nations peoples in NSW;
  • Release First Nations people from jail through a De-Incarceration Commission chaired by a First Nations judge;
  • Repeal the culturally destructive forced child removal laws in the first 100 days of the new parliament;
  • Introduce a Drivers Licence Access program to deliver 10,000 drivers licenses a year to First Nations and other young people; and
  • Transfer exclusive control or co-management of public forest reserves in NSW to First Nations peoples.

230 years is too long to wait for justice. Sign our petition now to deliver long overdue justice to First Nations people.

For more information, read our full plan here.