Keep public transport public

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Late again? Had enough? You deserve better!

Here in NSW, they’re privatising public transport. It means trains and buses are all about turning a profit, not getting commuters from A to B. 

Don’t put up with it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Greens have a vision for world-class public transport to create more liveable communities, improve our quality of life and reduce pollution and congestion.

Our Transport Spokesperson, Cate Faehrmann is pushing the NSW Government to take the following action:

  • Invest in public and active transport projects and infrastructure, and move more freight onto rail,
  • Cancel unnecessary and polluting toll road projects such as NorthConnex and WestConnex,
  • Adopt bold modal share targets for public transport, alongside a clear strategy for achieving them.

If you want safe, clean, reliable, accessible public transport, get involved today!