Make early childhood education free

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NSW is being left behind when it comes to early childhood education – and so are our children

Early learning in NSW is in crisis.

NSW has the most expensive early childhood education system in Australia, as well as some of the lowest participation rates. And given that we also have the highest percentage of private operators – where profit is often the main motivator – it’s hardly surprising that early childhood education is in dire need of reform.

On top of that, the state government currently spends just 0.4 percent of its budget on early learning – the lowest proportion out of all states. The negligence of this critical public and community service can’t be allowed to continue.

The Greens want to see early learning brought into the free universal public education system.

Our plan includes:

  • A transition to free, universal access to preschool for all children from the age of three for a minimum of 15 hours a week;
  • All new primary schools in NSW to include early learning centres in school design and construction, and to prioritise the construction of facilities into existing school grounds based on need and where space allows;
  • To review the rules and guidelines around facilities leasing for early learning services;
  • Stricter enforcement of outdoor space requirements; and
  • The establishment of an annual $20m OOSH and Playgroup Facilities Grant program.

No greater investment can be made in the future wellbeing of our citizens and society as a whole. Sign our petition now.

For more information, read our full plan here.