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It’s time to revive TAFE and make it accessible for everyone

TAFE is a vital pathway for young people into the workforce.

Giving young people opportunities to which they may not otherwise have access – like a rewarding job, good salary and secure career – TAFE also provides businesses and industries with the skilled workers they depend on.

But the Liberal-National Government has ripped the guts out of TAFE. It’s slashed more than $1.6 billion from the sector, sacked more than 5,700 staff, and overseen the dramatic rise of course fees – which has prompted an exodus of more than 60,000 students.

The Greens have a plan to revive TAFE. We will:

  • Ensure free TAFE to all students for up to Cert IV courses;
  • Ensure 100 percent of all state government funding for vocational education is directed to TAFE. Funding will only be provided to the not for profit vocational sector where TAFE is unable to provide the service;
  • Commit to increased funding of $50 million per annum ($200 million over four years) for TAFE to provide driver education and P plate licencing (including 120 hours of supervised driving) with a focus on Aboriginal young people and disadvantaged communities; and
  • End the privatisation of prison education in NSW jails and return all funding to qualified public sector TAFE teachers. Prison education is a critical pathway to break the cycle of reoffending and it is essential it is delivered by highly skilled and permanent public educators.

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