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displaced koala

A koala, displaced after its habitat was destroyed.

Deforestation and animal deaths have tripled since the government scrapped land clearing laws. We need them back.

More than 10 million native animals are dying each year in NSW as a direct result of land clearing, a rate that has tripled since the NSW Government scrapped land clearing laws in 2017.  

The figures come from a WWF report, which indicates more than 86.9 million animals were killed over a 17 year period because 517,956 hectares of native bushland were cleared.

The Greens are calling on the government to restore strong safeguards for forests and wildlife habitats in new legislation, and to end deforestation and land clearing in NSW.

We need strong laws and dedicated funds to protect remnant vegetation, mandate the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity in legislation, and protect and restore koala habitats to save the species from extinction.

NSW also needs to expand its National Parks network to safeguard our precious places for future generations.

This government’s anti-environment agenda has never been clearer. Right now, we have an opportunity to send a message that we can’t be ignored.

We urgently need to take action. Are you in?

Add your name now and join the campaign to end deforestation and land clearing, and to protect and restore our forests and bushland.

For more information, read our full policy initiative here.