Protect our marine environment

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Our state’s marine environments are precious, fragile – and under threat

The ocean plays an important part in many people's’ lives – and in our planet’s very existence.

Marine protection is critical if future generations are to continue enjoying the many benefits of a healthy ocean.

But the current government has failed to protect our oceans and marine habitats. It has allowed offshore mining practices that harm whales and other marine life, and installed destructive shark nets on our beaches – which do nothing to protect swimmers while indiscriminately killing marine creatures like turtles and dolphins.

The Greens have a plan to protect our precious marine habitats. We will:

  • Strengthen our network of marine parks and sanctuaries;
  • Introduce a river-to-sea habitat restoration program;
  • Recognise cultural fishing rights;
  • Remove shark nets and adopt a non-lethal shark management program;
  • Support sustainable seafood and fisheries in NSW;
  • Ban offshore exploration and mining of fossil fuels; and
  • Build ocean and beach resilience to climate disruption.

Stand with the Greens to demand that our precious oceans are protected.