A fair go for people who rent

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More people make their homes in rental properties now than ever before. Renters deserve the same security and quality of life as home owners.

Current laws in NSW allow dodgy landlords to maximise their returns at the expense of people’s security and safety. This needs to change!

The Greens will provide a better deal for people who rent in NSW. A few highlights from our detailed plan include:

  • Ending unfair ‘no-grounds’ evictions. Landlords will need no longer be able to evict tenants without a good reason. It will give tenants long-term security in their homes.

  • Capping rent by linking it to the Consumer Price Index. At present there are no restrictions on the amount by which rents are increased. This needs to change. 

  • Allowing people who rent to keep pets. Having pets is both a personal choice and personal responsibility. Wherever possible, people living in rental accommodation should have the same rights as people who have a mortgage or own their own home.

  • Allowing renters to make minor changes. People who rent should be allowed to hang a photograph on their wall, build a garden bed, and make other minor changes to the property.

You can download The Greens' detailed plan on reforming rental laws in NSW.

It’s time to improve our rental laws, to protect the rights of renters in NSW, and to reflect the ‘new normal’ of long-term renting.