Restore our national parks

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A priceless environmental resource that should be completely protected from destructive activities

Our precious national parks are under assault.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit NSW national parks every year for holidays and recreation. Our parks are also a priceless environmental resource, providing a habitat for native plant and animal species.

That’s why they should be completely protected from destructive activities.  

But the current Liberal-National Government has slashed funding to national parks in NSW and presided over massive cuts to staff numbers and resourcing. The Greens will restore our network of NSW national parks. We will:

  • Increase the annual national parks budget by $50 million;

  • Expand our network of national parks to include a new Great Koala National Park in Northern NSW, and expand the Gardens of Stone National Park near Lithgow and Clyde River National Park; and

  • Ban activities with high environmental impacts including hunting, grazing and high-impact development, which often require land clearing.

We urgently need to take action. Add your name now and join the campaign to protect and restore our state’s national parks.