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Regent Honey Eater

Flooding the Kowmung would push the endangered Regent Honey Eater closer to extinction, along with 48 other plant and animal species.

Government plan to flood World Heritage 
wilderness is destructive and unnecessary

The Kowmung River in the Blue Mountains is one of the most pristine wilderness areas in Australia – a World Heritage site people are not even allowed to visit, because of its importance to Sydney’s water catchment and ecological significance.

The NSW Liberal Government wants to flood this area by raising the Warragamba Dam wall 14 metres, to mitigate the risk of flooding in Western Sydney. Although the resulting inundations of the Kowmung and surrounding rivers would be temporary, environmental impact assessments show they would be devastating.

The inundations would destabilise river banks, introduce weeds, cause sedimentation and erosion, and threaten the survival of 48 endangered plant and animal species. They would deposit silt in Sydney’s drinking water and destroy hundreds of sacred Aboriginal sites, including rock paintings.

Fortunately, there are other solutions. Hydrology experts recommend lowering the full supply level of the dam in order to provide the extra capacity required for flood events. Meanwhile, Sydney’s water security can be guaranteed by activating the desalination plan, improving water efficiency, recycling and reducing leaks.

These are the alternatives to protect people and their homes from flood events. There is no alternative to protecting the Blue Mountains World Heritage areas.

Stand with the Greens to demand this pristine wilderness is preserved.