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Successive governments have created a waste crisis in NSW

NSW is facing an urgent waste crisis.

China has now stopped accepting our co-mingled and contaminated waste exports – and it’s piling up. Landfill sites across the state are nearing capacity, microplastics and other pollutants threaten the health of our oceans and terrestrial environments, and rubbish litters many of our natural environments.

And the current government is doing nothing to create the circular economy – where materials are recycled and reused – that we need for the future of our planet.

Our society must minimise the amount of waste it produces. Plastic, metal and electronic waste should be considered an opportunity, not a burden – because they are the raw materials required by industry to manufacture new products.

The Greens’ plan includes:

  • Overhauling the waste management system in NSW by improving the separation and reprocessing of recyclable materials;
  • Providing incentives for industry to use recycled waste products in manufacturing;
  • Banning all waste-to-energy schemes and putting a moratorium on new landfill sites;
  • Banning single-use plastic bags and enforcing strict regulations to prevent over-packaging;
  • Enforcing strict penalties for releasing nurdles (plastic pellets used in manufacturing) into the environment; and
  • Investing in campaigns to raise awareness about the harms of a wasteful society and the benefits of reducing, reusing and recycling unwanted products.  

It’s never been more important to take action on our waste crisis. Sign our petition today.