Stop the sell-off of public assets

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End the privatisation of our state’s vital public assets

Whether it’s parks, schools, hospitals or libraries, public ownership of assets leads to better outcomes for the whole community. It also means people’s needs are prioritised first – not profits for private owners or operators.

But unbelievably, over the past eight years the Liberal-National government has sold off more than $55 billion of our public assets. That includes land, electricity networks, bus and rail lines, historic public buildings like Sirius and even prisons.

The government says privatisation is about saving money – but there is clear evidence that privatisation actually ends up costing the people of NSW and delivers profits to a select few corporations.

It’s time for our government to stop putting profit before people.

The Greens believe our services and assets belong to the people of NSW and should remain out of the hands of private corporations. We will:

  • Stop the sell off of public assets and privatisation of public services;
  • Reinstate the Public Works Department to undertake public infrastructure projects for the public benefit;
  • Establish a Public Ownership Commission to identify the services and assets that should return to public hands and map the path back to truly publicly-owned public services; and
  • Commit to ambitious future public service delivery and work towards projects like a publicly owned renewable energy grid, expansion of public housing, and renewed investment in public health and education.

Stand with the Greens to demand that our public assets stay firmly in the hands of the people of NSW.