Rainbow revolution

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It’s time for equality and frivolity without fear in NSW.

Our city and state are long overdue for a rainbow revolution.

More than four decades after the brave and bold actions of the 78ers – who pushed for equality in the face of significant police brutality and state discrimination – LGBTIQ+ equality is still a work in progress in NSW.

Fun and frivolity are also desperately lacking in our city. The disastrous lockout laws and Berejiklian’s Liberals’ refusal to legislate for pill testing are among the many terrible decisions infringing on everyone’s right to be who they really are.

But deep down, we know NSW is more accepting – and fabulous – than that.

We need to put an end to the discrimination entrenched in our laws. We need to lift the barriers to equality and frivolity that restrict people in our society from living, working and partying without fear.

The Greens will put an end to religious exemptions in the Anti-Discrimination Act, strengthen protection and rights for intersex and queer communities, repeal the lockout laws, and ban sniffer dogs.

Our state’s LGBTIQ+ community has been an inspiration when it comes to challenging unfair laws. Now it’s time for all of us to start the rainbow revolution once and for all – out and proud.