Time for a NSW Planning Royal Commission

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From rotten approvals, to dodgy buildings, bulldozed trees and rows of towering apartments, the NSW Planning System has lost the confidence of the public.

The public also doesn’t trust politicians to fix planning. They know about the donations, the jobs for the boys and the history of corrupt dealings.

It’s time to shine a light in the dark corners of the NSW Planning system. It’s time for a Royal Commission.

What will Royal Commission into NSW Planning investigate?

  1. Disasters like the Opal Tower fiasco, created by a system of private certification where the developer chooses and pays for their own regulator
  2. Why there is more and more development in areas without the schools, hospitals, parks and public transport people need
  3. How to return powers to democratically elected local councils
  4. How to stamp out corruption and break the connection between developers, their money, and decision makers.
  5. How to build green, sustainable and connected cities and towns and prepare for and mitigate the challenges of climate change.The Greens have a detailed plan [link to flagship] to fix the rotten planning system in NSW.

The Greens have a detailed plan to fix the rotten planning system in NSW.

To make serious changes to planning in NSW we need the exposure and the momentum that only a Royal Commission can bring.