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Pauline Tyrrell

Councillor for Canada Bay City

Pauline Tyrrell has been the one Greens Councillor on Canada Bay Council since 2008 (also 2000-2004). She has been Deputy Mayor since 2012 (and 2002–4). Pauline has worked for Council to adopt environmental and social support initiatives, is always helping residents, and is active in many local groups.

As the one Greens Councillor on Canada Bay Council since 2008 and previously 2000 – 2004 (Deputy Mayor 2002–4; 2012 to the present), Pauline has actively participated in many meetings and public functions and is always helping residents with various issues.

Pauline has worked for Council to adopt environmental and social support initiatives and has been active in many local committees. As a very active councillor, Pauline initiated such actions as: an expanded bushland management program with a Bush Care Coordinator; a policy requiring rainwater tanks for all new dwellings; continuous lobbying on the Rhodes Peninsula and Breakfast Point redevelopments and Parramatta River contamination; acknowledgement of Country at Council ceremonies; to allow residents to address all Council meetings; for Council to provide more affordable housing and support renters. Her current local involvement includes bushcare work, founding member of Canada Bay Sustainable City Committee, Chair of Council’s Access Committee, member of Drummoyne Community Centre Management Committee and Concord Heritage Society and supporter of many local community groups. 

Pauline’s academic qualifications include a BA (Hons), (Political Economy Major) Uni of Sydney; BSc (Biochemistry) Uni of NSW; Permaculture Design Certificate. Pauline has worked as newsletter editor for a community education group lobbying for social justice, the environment and peace; as a scientist in hospital laboratories and as an English teacher in Nepal. 

Pauline has lived in the area since 1989 with her husband, Steve Maxwell, also a keen and active Canada Bay Greens member. 

Some achievements in Pauline’s last 5 years as Canada Bay Councillor: 

  • Pauline is the only Green on Council, but the stands she took have encouraged the Mayor and other councillors to take an active stand on key community issues. 
  • From the beginning, The Greens supported a No Marina campaign for Breakfast Point. Pauline spoke at several public meetings and hearings in opposition to the marina proposal. The project has now been refused.
  • Pauline alerted Council and the local press and, with Canada Bay Greens, actively took part in the campaign to Save the Foreshore Walk at Concord near Rivendell from closure. The Walk has now been officially accepted by the state government.
  • By speaking at public meetings with the State MP, Pauline was able to help save the 436 bus route. While other campaigns have not been successful, Pauline’s public stands on these issues have shown that The Greens are strong in taking up residents concerns and resisting the pressure from vested interests. 
  • It is well known that Pauline was the only councillor to vote against the large increase in residential density at Rhodes. 
  • The Greens opposed the Iron Cove Bridge widening and Pauline was the only councillor who held out against the permanent encroachment of an RTA car park into Brett Park, Drummoyne.
  • When Council’s questions to the Department of Education about a new school at Rhodes got no response, Pauline moved a motion which triggered a continuing campaign by a local newspaper to get a response from The Department. This was one of the cases where the journalist interviewed Pauline, took up our issue, but never mentioned The Greens. Even then, we can be glad that The Greens have made a difference.

Pauline also actively participated in Local Campaigns to stop encroachment on a park on the Abbotsford foreshore; for improved public transport; and against the V8 Supercar races at Homebush. 

Pauline’s continuing efforts to encourage Canada Bay Council to support community gardens have finally ‘come to fruition’, with a community garden now well established at Concord.

Other Greens campaigning:

Pauline was Greens candidate for Fowler 2004 Federal Election; Greens candidate for Granville 2007 State election; campaign committee member for Strathfield & Drummoyne State, Lowe/Reid Federal and Canada Bay Council and Ashfield Council elections from 2000 to the present; SHAGreens Convenor 2005-7; frequent delegate to NSW Greens State Delegates Council; member of Parliamentary Liaison Committee (2005-8) and Local Government Working Group (2006-7) of NSW Greens. She was Greens candidate for the Federal seat of Reid in 2013.