Amanda Findley

I’ve lived on the NSW South Coast for the past 25 years. I love our area and know the challenges that the region faces from first-hand experience. Over the last three years I have steered the community through 10 natural disasters.

As Mayor the Shoalhaven City Council since 2016, I hear every day the issues that are affecting our people - housing affordability, disaster recovery, roads and infrastructure. These are top of the list and all are being impacted by climate change.

My diverse and interesting work life has given me a unique insight and empathy for many people. Like so many living on the South Coast, I began my working life in hospitality and understand the issues that the industry is facing right now. I also held roles in banking, real estate sales and retail management before relocating to the coast, where I embarked on retraining again.

This time, I learnt to manage the small family business, helping with running a cattle farm while contracting to National Parks for land management and raising a family. 

A strong connection to the local environment is one of my passions – I was a co-founder of the Milton Rural Landcare nursery.

Not one to sit still and as a self-described life-long learner, in the last decade, I retrained yet again, graduating as a mature age student high school teacher.

I have a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities that I have had during my life. My diverse work history is something I am proud off and I have a deep sense of curiosity and a fierce sense of justice.

Serving the people of the Shoalhaven as a Mayor has given me the unique opportunity to work strategically for our region as a whole, understanding where the gaps are that impact on our people every day.

I am proud of the work that the Greens across NSW have achieved and continue to do in advocating for people and the environment.

I am asking the people of the South Coast to support me to replace the retiring member. I have the experience and drive to bring the issues of the Shoalhaven straight to Macquarie Street.

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