Apurva Shukla

Hey I’m Apurva. As a fresh university graduate, I’ve already seen enough of the broken political system to decide that I need to fight for a brighter, fairer, and safer future for all Australians.

There’s nothing like youth to bring the focus on the decisions being made in politics now that will have disastrous ramifications throughout my lifetime. At 22 years old I am so disillusioned by our 2-party system that offers only a pretence of choice, and never addresses the issues that matter the most to young people.

I want Greens in government so that we can stop pretending nothing is wrong when 1 in 100-year climate disasters unfold every month.

I want your vote so we can take action to ensure another generation is not crippled with climate anxiety. The climate emergency is here and now, and we must urgently build a new clean green economy.

I will fight for a system that does not allow billionaires and corporations to get ever richer while our wealth inequality grows day by day, and basic essentials like food and housing get more expensive.

The Greens plan to provide free education for all is incredibly important to me. I want to stop other people from facing my reality - where after 3 years of university study I am facing a massive debt that will further lock me out of saving for a home deposit.

I will advocate for a stronger public welfare and health system that allows the most vulnerable people to live in safety and dignity.

My parents immigrated to Sydney from India when I was a one-year-old. They dreamt of a future that would be much better than the past. I shared their dream, but year after year it was shaken by an unjust reality and compounded by racial inequality.

I stand for the Greens because I believe that together we can fight for a better future. The Greens will bring us one step closer to a country with a strong and robust safety net, where no one gets left behind. Where bare necessities like affordable housing, free healthcare and a sustainable future are treated as rights and not a privilege.

I believe we can have a better future, but we must fight for it. I am ready to fight for it.