Arthur Bain

Greens Candidate for Oxley

Hi, I'm Arthur Bain.

As the state candidate for Oxley, I am committed to creating a fairer future. Together, we can ensure our children have access to clean air and water, quality education and social services, and the opportunity to have a fulfilling life.

I have lived and worked in the Oxley area, Birpai, Dhanggati and Gumbaynggirr country, for 27 years and love it here - from the mountains to the sea. I live ‘upriver’ and am a long-time active member of the Rural Fire Service. As chairperson of an environmental action group concerned with river health, I have built relationships with mining companies, scientists and government agencies to ensure best practice in combining development and environmental protection.

I have worked as an educator in one form or another for 35 years, initially as a primary school teacher. This evolved into teaching severely disabled students and behaviour disordered students, then branched into adult education and engaging with Elders across the Oxley region to deliver programs to Indigenous youth. I have also been principal of a small, rural school.

I am currently an educational caseworker with the Department of Justice and experience daily the challenges of inadequate housing, privatisation of social services and the impact of high incarceration rates.

I want to both represent the people of Oxley and empower voters to send a message to the government. By voting 1 for The Greens, our community can tell the major parties they must address social justice and the impacts of global warming, rather than take policy directives from corporates interests with the biggest pockets.

Together we can build a better future with a transparent government that puts community need before greed.

Read more: What Arthur Stands For (PDF)

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