Asm Mahbub Morshed

Hi! I am your Greens candidate for the state electorate of Mount Druitt, and my official name is¬†Asm Mahbub Morshed. What a mouthful! So most people in Australia just call me Asm (sounds like AwSoMe ūüėČ).

I grew up in Bangladesh, and one of my earliest childhood memories is my parents building brick walls outside our front and back doors. It did not make much sense. Why were they making it so difficult for me to go out? The next morning, I was surprised to see knee-deep water right outside our doors. My cousins came to stay with us because their home was under water.

This childhood memory is from 1988 when 60% of Bangladesh was under water. This memory is now a nightmare because adult politicians, not only in Australia but all over the world, are refusing to pursue policies that tackle the causes of natural disasters like bushfires and floods.

After becoming an Australian citizen in 2016, I realized that I can’t be neutral. I am standing for election to the NSW parliament because I want to do something about policies that will only make the floods and bushfires worse. Legislation to stop all new coal and gas projects in NSW is a high priority for me.

Also important to me is respect for the ability of First Nations people to shape their own futures. So much harm has been done when other people thought they had the answers! I would rather listen to First Nations people to learn what they need from the state government.

I strongly believe in a fair educational system. I will campaign for access to high-quality education for all children regardless of their household’s weekly income or their background. More work is needed to build a NSW in which young people’s postcode does not limit their future prospects.

Here are some of the other issues I’ll be campaigning on:

  • A¬†bigger and better Mt Druitt Hospital¬†with more mental health facilities;
  • Better pay for nurses, teachers¬†and other public-sector workers;
  • Raising the age of criminal responsibility¬†so that kids who haven‚Äôt even turned 13 do not end up in custody;
  • Making sure that¬†NO huge incinerators¬†are built anywhere in Western Sydney;
  • Keeping the Mt Druitt area beautiful by¬†preventing overdevelopment.

Please vote ONE the GREENS at the state election on 25 March!