Bill Fenelon

Greens Candidate for Tweed

“The Tweed is the best place in the world, and I’m dedicated to ensuring it stays that way!”

Hi, I'm Bill Fenelon. I'm a long-time Tweed local and highly respected community activist, dedicated to serving and enriching the local communities of the Tweed. Having sailed the globe as a Master Mariner, I am proud to call the Tweed home and am passionate about retaining its unique natural beauty and ambiance.

In 2009 I completed my studies, and received an Advanced Diploma of Science (Ships Master) from the University of Tasmania, then settled permanently in the Tweed.

Employed as a Foreign Going Ship Master, I have worked at the sharp edge of the business world and am strongly committed to boosting employment, strengthening the economy as well as promoting affordable housing, while ensuring that the unique pristine environment of the Tweed is supported and protected in a sustainable way.

I have been a passionate campaigner on important local issues. A vocal activist and environmentalist, I support the relocation of the planned Tweed Hospital from the Cudgen Plateau, in a bid to protect prime agricultural land and the small village character of the Tweed Coast communities. I am also a strong advocate for ending the environmentally damaging water-mining industry.

I led the push to save the Tweed’s railway for trains and finally extend it to the Gold Coast Airport to connect with the Queensland network, along with the creation of rail-trail cycleways. Trains provide public transport with the lowest emissions, which is vital in our fight against global warming.

I founded and lead the Tweed Valley Sailing Club, focussed on youth development through sailing. I am the Club Commodore and have also developed a programme to enable those with disabilities to enjoy sailing as a sport.

I'm a fresh, earnest and honest local, motivated by community interests, not careerism or party politics. I will represent the voice of the community, and my candidacy seeks to oppose the greed and profiteering of this state government and the destruction of our unique, pristine environment.

We need someone who will stand up for all the right reasons. We are the ones who live here and will not be walked over by state politicians representing only corporate interests.



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