Bradley Schott

Hi, I’m Bradley and I live in Earlwood.

I’m standing for Canterbury because our beautiful, vibrant community deserves better.

In my career as a designer, I saw the inner workings of corporations and the property industry, and I designed their boardrooms.

I needed to make a change.

So, I joined The Greens – my local group in Canterbury.

The Greens have a detailed plan for sustainable, affordable homes. Meanwhile, the government has pushed Canterbury-Bankstown council to let the developers loose, but they have no plans for new schools, parks, or community services – and no public housing for those that can’t afford these new apartments. We need sustainable homes for people in our community, not shonky towers for developers.

We proposed legislation to end no-fault evictions and give renters secure housing rights, but both Labor and Liberal voted against it.

We need real action to reform our broken housing system and more resources for healthcare and education to support our community. We need green spaces for the people of Canterbury. We need truth and justice for our First Nations people. We need a NSW government that works for the people, not their mates. The Greens only accept donations from citizens on the electoral roll, not from corporations or industry groups.

NSW can afford to build a better, sustainable future. The Greens will call out the corruption and lobbying, and push the next government to deliver a better future for us all.

Choose better by voting Greens, in both houses.

If you have read this far, I know that you care. So donate, volunteer, join The Greens and get involved. You can make a difference.