Campbell Knox

Candidate for Maitland

Campbell Knox, only 20 years old, is the youngest candidate contesting the seat of Maitland at the upcoming state election and believes that his youthful perspective will challenge the major parties policy and help hold them to account, on issues affecting his local community.

Campbell works in earful education and has lived in Maitland his entire life, he’s seen this town be used as a political back-bench football for years, being passed between the major parties as a “Safe Seat”. However, he believe that in a truly accessible democracy, no seat should be a “Safe Seat”.

This election we want to cause change in Maitland, we want the people of this city to know that there is a party out there that will truce to support a sustainable future for them. This election for the seat of Maitland, the NSW Greens top priorities are:

- Affordable Housing and the defence of Renters Rights

- Ensuring stronger protections for our Agriculture and Environment

- Supporting Safe Nurse-To-Patient Ratios at Maitland Hospital

- Ensuring Maitland Residents have access to an all hours GP 

- Supporting a 15% pay increase for all Nurses and Midwives

-Building back the ecology along Hunter River

-Funding A Hunter Region Transition Authority to support workers in the Fossil Fuel Industry.