Caroline Atkinson

Candidate for Davidson

I’m Caroline Atkinson, Greens' candidate for Davidson.

My aim in running for Davidson is to protect the environment and to fight the widening inequality gap. I have lived for 15 years in Davidson on Darug country since I fell in love with the tree filled streets, bushland, Indigenous heritage and sense of community. We must stop the destruction of Davidson’s unique habitat, including the Blue Gum forest, by ensuring genuine adherence to the land offset scheme and stopping the overreach by big developers. I will use my professional experience to advocate for the people of Davidson and for our environment.

I have had a very varied career which has covered being the director of an international team to running my own business so I understand how the corporate and not for profit worlds work. Some years ago my love of the environment came to the fore. I have been working in the sustainability field ever since and have directed my career to environmental protection. Every time I manage to visit the outback or even walk in the bush in Davidson the importance of protecting our planet is reinforced so standing for the Greens is simply the next step.

To support my commitment to the environment, I obtained an MBA, Masters in Environmental Management and a PhD in Corporate Environmental Reporting. I now work part time as consultant in sustainability largely with Woolworths and chair an environmental advocacy organisation.

And I am of course a keen Green having been Convenor of Ku-ring-gai Greens, Deputy Secretary, Greens NSW and now Operations Manager running the office. Most recently I have been working with Australian Greens on the national strategy.

The priorities for Greens in NSW will be to:

  • end coal and gas by 2030 and transition to renewables
  • make housing affordable
  • rescue our public healthcare system
  • ensure better pay and conditions for essential workers
  • stop the corrupting influence of the gambling industry

The Greens work to represent the values of our community. Our elected politicians in the balance of power will continue to keep our state economy stable whilst addressing the climate crisis.