Cath Blakey

Candidate for Wollongong

I am so proud to be standing as your Greens state candidate for Wollongong. I was born on Dharawal Country, in Wollongong Hospital, attending Mount Saint Thomas Primary School, Wollongong High School and studying environmental science at the University of Wollongong. I have worked in waste education, water management, nature conservation, local government, and cooperative business.

Since 2017 I have served as a Wollongong city councillor advocating for community services and environmentally sustainable development.
As a city councillor, I am proud of our communities’ actions to reduce waste by embracing FOGO. I have championed the expansion of the footpath network, improved cycling connections and better rail and bus services. I am proud that in 2019 Wollongong City Council declared a climate emergency and started implementing practical solutions for emissions reductions.

I have spoken out against coal mining under our drinking water catchment, highlighting that water security, koala habitat and intact fire-resistant swamps are more important for our community's prosperity.

I am a supporter of Australian manufacturing, pushing the state government to mandate Australian-made content in their procurement policy, and supporting increased local business weighting in Council procurement. The Port Kembla Steelworks is the biggest source of emissions in Wollongong, and finding pathways to replace coal with other reducing agents is an opportunity to be a technological leader. I’ve challenged the steelworks' dependence on Illawarra coal and was heartened by recent upgrades to the bulk handling terminal to import coal from other sources.

I have stood with the Aboriginal community when it came to recognising and protecting the cultural landscape and sites of significance.

As an environmental science graduate, I know there are technical solutions to our environmental problems, we just need politicians in state parliament that act in the public interest of our shared planet. As an MP I will continue the push for donations reform to get dirty money out of politics.

No matter which party wins government in 2023, I will hold them to account and push them further and faster on housing affordability, climate action, integrity in government and equality for all.

I have a track record of cross-party collaboration for the best outcome for our community. Wollongong has been taken for granted for too long. Supporting the Greens will make sure Wollongong becomes a marginal seat and gets the investment and opportunity our community needs.