Cathy Griff

Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro

Hi, I’m Cathy Griff

I have been a Bega Valley Tanja resident for three decades and Greens Councillor since 2016. And I am thrilled to represent the Greens in the forthcoming by-election on July 4.

I am here to fight for you and to send a message to Canberra that we need to act urgently and listen to the science on climate change as well as tackling the growing inequality that is seeing more and more members of our community left behind. 

It is a critical time to change course as a community by confronting climate change as the existential challenge of our time. Climate inaction from other parties, despite massive drought, fires, and flood, has propelled me to this candidacy.

Tablelands, foothills and coastal communities in Eden-Monaro are still reeling from the combined impacts of the bushfires, sustained drought and the pandemic. Now a growing chorus of people are demanding immediate action on climate change and the creation of a fairer society.

The Greens have long stood out as the party with clear, established policies demanding a phase-out of coal, oil and gas - the leading cause of climate change. Meanwhile, the other parties say climate action is important while continuing to take donations from fossil fuel companies and expanding rather than planning a transition away from these climate-destroying industries.

As a former employee of ACOSS I am all too familiar with what happens when the social net falls apart and people are left behind. The experience of Covid19 has demonstrated that change is possible, but our government must commit to it. So who you choose to send to Canberra to advocate for you has never been more important.

As a Bega Valley Shire Councillor since 2016, I have continually advocated for climate action and social justice issues. I’ve been at the forefront of many progressive campaigns including the climate emergency declaration, and efforts to create more affordable housing for our community.

If you vote for me, you can be confident that I will be a voice for real change, not more of the same. You can be assured that The Greens will never take corporate donations or sell out this community. The party of which I am proud to be a member has a comprehensive plan to renew Australia with a Green New Deal that puts people, a safe climate and the protection of the environment that sustains us all ahead of short-term greed and corporate profits.

It is possible to create a fairer and cleaner future for all.

Together we can:

  1. act on the science which calls for urgent action on climate change and phase out rather than expand coal, oil and gas
  2. protect our native forests, ravaged by fire and drought, from further logging, with an immediate transition to plantation harvesting
  3. create employment through restoration and replanting programs, investment in renewable energy, regenerative farming, tourism and bushfire mitigation in consultation with local Indigenous people
  4. expand the COVID response by retaining free childcare and the JobSeeker rate, guaranteeing payments for those who have slipped through the net and ending homelessness for good.