Charlotte McCabe

Hi, I'm Charlotte McCabe,

I’m running for the federal seat of Newcastle with the Greens because our policies offer the answers to the big issues that have only worsened under ten years of this coalition government.

I’ve worked as a primary school teacher in Victoria, the Northern Territory and New South Wales. I chose teaching because I thought it would offer disadvantaged children the opportunity to reach their full potential and step out from intergenerational poverty. Unfortunately, I came to realise that systematic disadvantage continues to allow kids to fall through the cracks. I’ve watched as politicians have exacerbated inequality, rather than addressing it.

I’ve lived all over Australia, and always joined community campaigns wherever I went. I’ve campaigned to save ancient old growth forests, marine life, and threatened species, and to stop uranium mines, coal mines and gas projects. These campaigns had the will of the people behind them, they had the economics and the science behind them, and yet we lost nearly every single time. I’ve watched as our politicians continued to give big corporations tax breaks and development approvals as they weakened our environmental laws and made it harder for communities to speak up.

The frustration of watching those in power fail to protect people and the planet motivated me to step up and try to make a difference. I’ve recently had the privilege of being elected to Newcastle City Council, I’ve run as a Greens candidate in the 2019 state election and I’m now running as the federal candidate.

The Greens are the only party that are putting forward a truly transformational platform that will put people and the planet before profits. I want to be part of the movement that votes the coalition out this election, and votes in the Greens into the balance of power.