Chetan Sahai

Photo by Jeremy Parkes

I’m Chetan, and I’m excited to be your Greens candidate for Sydney. I’m a renter, housing and climate activist, and a proud Indian-Australian.

I believe we all have the right to lead our lives with dignity, freedom and community. But right now we have a political system that puts the interests of billionaires and big corporations ahead of the needs of real people. Real people like you and me. People who are struggling to make ends meet as the cost of living skyrockets. People who will never be able to afford a house or who are drowning in debt under our current government’s policies. People who can’t afford to see a dentist, who are being pushed into poverty by low wages and insecure work. People who look at the effects of the climate crisis and fear for their future and for future generations.

That’s why I’m asking for your support to put these issues on the agenda in Canberra.

I’ve lived, studied, and worked in Sydney for almost 20 years. A child of Indian immigrants, after finishing high school I completed a double-degree in chemical engineering and computer science at UNSW. Before being the candidate for Sydney I worked in the private sector as a software engineer, management consultant, and product manager. I live in a rental in Waterloo with my wife, and I’m currently pursuing a Masters of Political Economy at the University of Sydney.

Like many young professionals, I was climbing the corporate ladder and working towards buying a home and raising a family. But it soon became clear that in this city, home ownership is only a pipe dream for all but the very well-off. No matter how hard I worked, no matter how much I earned, housing prices would always skyrocket out of reach.

But I love Sydney. That’s why I chose to stay here and fight to make it a more equitable and more affordable place for all of us.

I got more involved in my local community, working with climate justice groups, community activists, and public housing defenders.

As a person who has grown up experiencing the real and structural impacts of racism, I know how important it is to fight for everyone that the political system does not respect. Whether that’s people of colour, Indigenous people, women, the LGBTIQ+ community, people in poverty, refugees or anyone else.

In my search for solutions to the problems we face I found The Greens. I was drawn in by the thoughtful, humane and effective policy solutions. And I stayed for the integrity, passion and inclusiveness of the people.

As your MP for Sydney, I would be here to listen and to fight for what matters – climate action, affordable housing, and social justice.