Ciara Denham

Candidate for Tweed

Hi, I'm Ciara (pronounced Kirra, like the beach!). I am running as the Greens representative for Tweed, standing for political integrity and reconciling our community on some of the toughest issues we will all face together. 

In the beautiful Tweed, I've put down roots with my partner and two young children in Bilambil. Having lived and worked in many diverse rural and urban areas in Australia for 15 years, I am in awe of the sheer beauty of this country, but also the continued mis-management. 

The changes we need to see in leadership are not radical. I am standing for basic social justice needs like a roof over your head, or a reliable income.

For over a decade, I've worked in conservation and environment. I understand that we cannot have climate justice without social justice. The growing wealth disparity in our region must be reigned in.

We must mature into a progressive economy that serves the whole of society, and we must have leadership that looks after our most vulnerable people, and ecology. 

As your candidate for Tweed, I aim to do this whilst building a strong community along the way.